The matching relationship between competency and growth pattern of Chinese state-owned entrepreneurs

[Speaker] Chen, Hui:1
1:School of Economy and Management, Beijing University of posts and telecommunications (China (People's Republic of China))

In order to culturing and developing excellent state-owned entrepreneurs, it is helpful to build a state-owned entrepreneurial competency model and analyze its matching relationship with entrepreneur's growth pattern. With interview survey and a questionnaire survey research, this research first builds up the Chinese state-owned entrepreneurial competency model. The model is 3-levels and 4-deminsions. 3-levels are motivations, core competency of state-owned entrepreneurs and general competency of entrepreneurs.4-deminsions are self-management, future-orientation, enterprise management and social relationship. The research also explores the matching relationship between competency and growth pattern. There are six growth stages of the state-owned entrepreneurs: preparing period, beginning period, practicing period, developing period, transferring period and maturity period. The research finds that beginning and practicing period should focus on enterprise management, developing period, transferring period should focus on future-orientation.
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