Facilitating Psychological Literacy in Bangladesh: Struggle and Experience of Establishing Professional Identity and Quality of Academic and Applied Psychologists

[Speaker] Rahman, Mohammad M:1
[Co-author] Gayen, Tarun K:1, Hossain, Samiul:2, Hossain, Shahnoor:1, Jahan, Sabiha:1
1:Dhaka University (Bangladesh), 2:North_South University (Bangladesh)

Study of Psychology in Bangladesh started in 1921, with the establishment of first experimental psychology laboratory, in the Department of Philosophy at Dhaka University, in British India. Currently in Bangladesh the psychological literacy among public has increased to a point where there are growing demand for various applied psychological services, but with much confusion and lack of clarity of roles among applied psychologists. Moreover, strong confusion exists among the role of clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and faith-healers, in the minds of consumers. Such confusion is further enhanced when many psychiatrists attempt to offer a hybrid of medical model dominated psychotherapy. However, there are also role confusions between counselors and clinical psychologists. This presentation will expose the literacy level of academic-professional psychology and psychologists in Bangladesh, and demonstrate that its high time to create international link-collaborations for competency based quality assured locally accepted indigenous theory and practices - for multidimensional applied psychologies.
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