Beyond Orientalism and Cultural Essentialism: Queer Neoliberalism in China

[Speaker] Liu, Wen:1
1:City University of New York, Graduate Center (United States of America)

This study examines the geopolitical tensions that have shaped the contemporary anti-Chinese sentiment in the US but also the rise of neoliberal subjectivity in the sexual relations in China, specifically in the emergent pink economy-targeted LGBTQ consumers-centralized in the urban metropolises of Shanghai and Beijing. The complex political economic interrelations demand a new conceptualization of Asianness away from cross-cultural psychology's fetishism of China as the direct opposite of American culture and nationalism. With ethnographic, archival, and interview methods across the analytical scale of the textual, national, and international, this presentation historicizes the orientalist discourses in cross-cultural psychology that treat the Asian subject as inherently burdened by its ethnic and cultural homophobia, and instead, illustrates the intertwined webs of neoliberal geography where the subject formation of queer Asianness is tied to the US militarized violence, neoliberal trades, and queer economy in China.
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