Dynamic relationship between the Executive Network and the Default Mode Network

[Speaker] Koshino, Hideya:1
1:California State University, San Bernardino (United States of America)

The Executive Network (EN) is activated during higher level cognition; however, the Default Mode Network (DMN) is deactivated during cognitive tasks. Therefore, their relationship was described as anti-correlational. During the task period, the EN increases its activity and the DMN decreases its activity, whereas the DMN is activated and the EN is deactivated during the rest period. However, recent studies reported that the two networks are not necessarily anti-correlated, and instead they actually show coactivation during some cognitive tasks. We investigated that whether their relationship dynamically changes during different phases of working memory tasks. The results showed that the EN and DMN regions (especially the anterior medial prefrontal cortex) were coactivated during a task preparation period, whereas the EN was activated and the DMN regions were deactivated during a task execution period. The results suggest that the relationship between the two networks changes dynamically depending on task demands.
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