Microcounseling for psychotherateutic interventions - contribution of multicultural counseling views in harmony

[Speaker] Backenroth, Gunnel M:1
1:None (Sweden)

Psychotherapists and counselors face the challenge to create individually tailored settings offering enriched learning environments to all clients hence enhancing learning environments in harmony encompassing diverse skills for experiences and needs that clients bring with them into the psychotherapist's office.

Microcounseling has been translated in various psychotherapeutic contexts and is transferrable for communication in diverse human settings.

In the present symposia microcounseling will be presented from various counseling specialities where communication takes a core position. Different treatment settings will describe how microcounseling can be applied to promote and contribute to well-being focusing on microskills used in a variety of cultural settings regardless of the theoretical orientation underlying the psychotherapy. Training and supervision of counselors/psychotherapists will furthermore be discussed.

Microcounseling offers promises as to how diverse psychotherapies and counseling methods can collaborate in harmony to enhance health worldwide at different levels of societies.
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