Human Centered Approach in Medical Setting-from the viewpoint of MD at General Hospital

[Speaker] Asazuma, Naoki:1
1:Kawakita General Hospital (Japan)

Historically it has been said that doctors tended to see only diseases on the part of the clients. On one hand, the idea of primary care and general practice (GP) has been closed-up. Since middle of the 20th century, WHO declared that Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. Then coming into the 21st century the concept "Health for all, All for health" has been penetrated into professionals, paraprofessionals and laymen. Then ' Wellness' for the individuals has become as a goal of human being. Now-a-days idea of GP in the medical settings is coming popular. Ivey, A, Counseling/Clinical psychologist,based on his idea of individuals as multicultural being developed Microcounseling insisting on that the basis of Mincrocounseling is applicable to various kinds of setting in our daily life. This concept might be applied to GP system.
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