Neural mechanisms underlying active listening: From social neuroscience view

[Speaker] Kawamichi, Hiroaki:1
1:Tokyo Metropolitan University (Japan)

Through active listening, counselor can improve social behavior of his/her client. In spite of this kind of influential characteristics, the neural correlates underlying perception of active listening have remained unclear. As an active listening attitude is perceived as unconditional positive regard, the target identifies this attitude as social acceptance (social reward) through engaging in mentalizing about intent of active listener. This consideration regarding mechanisms underlying active listening is supported by our functional magnetic imaging (fMRI) experiments, which showed activation in ventral striatum, part of the reward system, during perceiving active listening. In my presentation, I will introduce our fMRI experiments for investigating neural correlates underlying perception of other persons' active listening attitude. Furthermore, I will discuss remained issues related to mechanisms underlying active listening for counseling techniques from social neuroscience view.
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