Microcounseling, basis of communication

[Speaker] Zalaquett, Carlos P:1
1:The Pennsylvania State University (Penn State) (United States of America)

This presentation describes microcounseling as a relevant foundation of counseling and psychotherapy. Micorocounseling (Ivey, 1968; Ivey, Ivey & Zalaquett, 2015) represents the most successful effort to de-construct the counseling and psychotherapy process and reveal its underlying foundation, the microskills. These skills, organized into attending and influencing, offer teachable units for training. What began as an attempt to discover and teach the working elements of therapy, turned into a striking finding as the skills are used in varying degrees by every existing model of therapy. Therefore, students and professional can benefit by learning the microskills regardless of their therapeutic approach. Furthermore, by mastering the microskills and learning the therapy model of interest, all mental health professionals can become empowered to provide culturally sensitive, ethical, neuroscience-supported, and strength-based interventions in an intentional and effective way. Today, microcounseling is well known internationally as an interviewing, counseling, and psychotherapy teaching and supervisory method.
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