Studies on the therapeutic alliance in Japan

[Speaker] Kanazawa, Yoshinobu:1
1:Meiji Gakuin University (Japan)

Despite the large number of empirical studies on the therapeutic alliance conducted outside Japan, the topic has received only scant attention in Japanese clinical psychology. Most studies that have been published in Japan consist of case reports in which the psychoanalytic concept of the alliance is used to explain or describe therapeutic relationships. It appears that the majority of clinical psychology researchers in Japan are unfamiliar with the alliance as defined by Bordin (1979). This state of affairs makes international communication on the alliance, and therapeutic relationships in general, quite difficult. Besides the quantitative tradition of the alliance literature, a promising avenue for future research is qualitative research on this topic. One of the presenter's studies employed a qualitative method to explore early alliance in a therapeutic dyad and suggested how the parties could veer away from each other. Implications for future research will be discussed.
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