Psychological perspective and conditions of giftedness

[Speaker] Sekowski, Andrzej:1
1:The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin (Poland)

The psychological perspective on giftedness and genius takes into account the etiology, structure and diagnosis of giftedness as well as individual differences and personality, which are predictors of outstanding human achievement. Psychologically oriented giftedness research involves the study of intelligence, creative abilities, personality, wisdom, and the impact of genetics and the environment on the development and actualization of outstanding abilities. In this article, we also discuss the problem of underachievers as well as psychological determinants of outstanding life, professional and academic achievement. A psychological analysis of the achievements of exceptionally gifted persons points to the importance of their social relations. Modern means of communication create new possibilities of using and developing giftedness. The psychological perspective on giftedness is both about maximising the achievement of gifted persons and taking into account their personal goals, values and aspirations as factors that affect the quality of their lives and personal development.
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