Career development and time perspective in undergraduate students

[Speaker] Tsuzuki, Manabu:1
1:Chuo University (Japan)

This longitudinal study examined how the prepared behavior of career choice affected on time perspective. Ninety four Japanese undergraduate students answered a questionnaire during third and fourth grade. Using the sum score of four items which measured career prepared behavior (e.g. Start to collect information about a job.) in third grade, two groups were identified: un-prepared (N=52) and prepared group (N=22). Analyzing data with a two-way ANOVA (group (2) x time (2)) using the five subscales of time perspective, the following results were found: the prepared group had significantly higher score of future goal and planning, and lower score of emptiness than unprepared group. The score of emptiness for the prepared group significantly declined from third to fourth grade. The prepared group had a higher rate of job decision in fourth grade comparing un-prepared group. These results showed a positive relationship between career development and time perspective in undergraduate students.
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