Influence of time relatedness on present behavior

[Speaker] Ishikawa, Akane:1
1:Writing lab., Chuo University (Japan)

This study examined the influence of time relatedness on present behavior in undergraduates. Four hundred and six Japanese undergraduates were asked to answer a questionnaire in which different scales which measured the relatedness between past and present, present and future, and present behavior. Cluster analysis of index scores on four subscales pertaining to relatedness between past and present extracted four types of undergraduates; cluster 1 having strong ambivalence continuity (n = 142), cluster 2 having negative continuity (n = 66), cluster 3 having positive and negative continuity (n = 102), and cluster 4 having positive continuity (n = 66). A path analysis was applied for each four clusters to analyze the influence of relatedness between present and future on present behavior. There were differences among four types in the quality and strength of motivational effect that continuity from present to future had on present behavior.
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