Relations between developments in students' time perspectives on school and professional career and in academic self-efficacy

[Speaker] Peetsma, Thea:1
[Co-author] Jaap, Schuitema:1, Ineke, Van Der Veen:1
1:University of Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Different definitions have been used for the concept Future time perspective (FTP). In our study the concept FTP had affective, cognitive, and intentional components. Possibly, the combination of these components in FTP, especially the intentional component, could include an idea of (self)efficacy. In this study, we tested the dependence of both these concepts used in an academic context, as both FTP and self-efficacy proved to be important predictors of students' school investment.
700 students in the first two years of secondary education participated in the study. They filled in self-report questionnaires on students' FTP (short and long term) on a school and professional career and on academic self-efficacy five times during two school years. The relationship between students' FTP and academic self-efficacy was analyzed using latent Growth Curve Analyses. The results showed strong positive relationships between FTP on students' school and professional career and their academic self-efficacy.
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