Future time perspective and adaptability profiles in Portuguese VET and higher education-oriented students

[Speaker] Paixão, Maria Paula A:1
[Co-author] Silva, José Tomás:1, Duarte, Francisca C:1
1:University of Coimbra (Portugal)

Students attending secondary education in Portugal can either choose VET courses or higher education oriented school branches. These different education pathways have a temporal duration of 3 years (from 10th to 12th grade). We carried out a longitudinal design with 3 waves of measurement involving 600 high school students (300 attending VET courses and 300 attending general courses) in order analyze the relationship between the students' career plans and career adaptability characteristics, considering their FTP profiles. We also analyzed the differences existing in the FTP and adaptability profiles between the students attending the two educational pathways. The main results obtained are presented and their implications for career intervention are discussed.
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