How are competencies assessed in clinical psychology training: A review

[Speaker] Pachana, Nancy A:1
[Co-author] Halford, Kim W:2, Babbage, Duncan R:3
1:The University of Queensland (Australia), 2:University of Queensland (Australia), 3:Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

Clinical competency assessment is a critical part of assuring both the safety of the public as well as the quality of psychology graduates entering professional practice, and is a global issue. A range of competency assessment models and tools will be discussed, particularly competency vivas versus direct written examination models, with examples given from the USA, New Zealand and Australia. Timing of assessments, formative versus summative assessment and the evolving content of portfolios and logbooks will be reviewed. The changing face of competency documentation with the advent of electronic supervision, logbooks and folios will be highlighted. Particular reference is made to the International Project on Competence in Psychology and other major competency initiatives as background and to guide future directions for research in this important aspect of clinical psychology training.
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