Emotion-Focused Therapy

[Speaker] Yamaguchi, Keiko:1
[Co-author] Iwakabe, Shigeru:1
1:Ochanomizu University (Japan)

Emotion-focused therapy (EFT) is an empirically informed humanistic approach to psychotherapy. In EFT, emotion is seen as fundamentally adaptive in guiding healthy psychological functioning and growth; however, it can also be the source of pain and suffering depending on how people experience emotion and make meaning out of their experience. In this presentation, an overview of EFT will be presented. First, a system of emotion assessment that makes distinctions between different types of emotion will be presented. Secondly, six empirically derived principles of emotional change will be presented. Third, therapeutic tasks that are used to facilitate particular emotional problems will be illustrated. Finally, a case example will illustrate how emotion assessment, principles of emotional change, and therapeutic tasks are coordinated in working with a depressed client. The current issues and future directions in developing EFT in Japanese context will be also discussed.
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