The History of TMS?

[Speaker] Polson, Michael J:1
1:The Magstim Company Ltd (United Kingdom)

The effects of electricity and magnetism have long been, and still are, a source of interest, suspicion and even misinformed fear. A brief history encompassing both the scientifically sound and the truly bizarre will be presented before moving on to present the history of magnetic stimulation from its early stages in Sheffield, to the current day.
A time-varying magnetic field will induce an electrical current in any electrical conductor through which it passes (as demonstrated by Michael Faraday's experiments in the early part of the nineteenth century). Furthermore, magnetic fields are able to pass unhindered through any biological tissue including skin and bone. Therefore, time-varying magnetic fields should be capable of inducing electrical currents that will stimulate neurons. The presentation will narrate how this theory was put into practice, and conclude by discussing the different types of stimulator topologies.
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