Analyses of Personal Attitude Construct on Recovery Process from Social Withdrawal

[Speaker] Hiratsuka, Daichi:1
[Co-author] Naito, Tetsuo:2
1:Graduate School of Psychology, Fukushima College (Japan), 2:Department of Welfare-Psychology, Fukushima College (Japan)

The aim of this study is qualitatively to research the process of recovery. We used personal attitude construct analysis. The subject was a 20's male student who had recovered from withdrawal. The procedure was as follows; 1) presented the sentences about affairs at first stage of withdrawal, 2) required to order the cards of association according to importance, 3) instructed to estimate the distance of similarity intuitively, comparing all pairs of cards, 4) Cluster Analysis by Ward was done, 5) asked to describe the image about each cluster. The same procedures were done at second and last stages. Results revealed 1) at first, he was aware of actual relationship with other family member and decided to change himself, 2) at second he had reference group which fed social interest, knowledge, skill and culture of youth, 3) at last he have gotten membership, tiny social role and responsibility like average person.
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