Dialectical approach to social development. Theory and implications for policy-design.

[Speaker] Salvatore, Sergio:1,3
[Co-author] Fini, Viviana:3, Kharlamov, Nikita:4, Mannarini, Terri:1, Rochira, Alessia:1, Veltri, Giuseppe:2
1:University of Salento (Italy), 2:University of Lechester (United Kingdom), 3:ISBEM (Italy), 4:University of Aalborg (Denmark)

The presentation aims at outlining a new view of social development-the dialectic approach. The dialectical approach challenges the fundamental assumption of the current view-i.e. the idea that development requires a common ground of meaning/attitude/values shared by members of community. According to dialectical approach, cultural differences are the source of development. This view is based on a cultural-psychological rethinking of the concept of social development, leading to innovative approaches to policy design.
Methodological tenets for re-thinking policy design in accordance to the dialectical approach will be proposed. This will be done within the conceptual and empirical framework provided by the Re.Cri.Re analysis of the cultural dynamics of European societies.
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