Attitudes toward Guanxi and Effects of Social Dominance Orientation and Right-wing Authoritarianism

[Speaker] Wang, Tulips Yiwen:1
[Co-author] Bernardo, Allan B. I:1
1:University of Macau (Macao)

Some popular discourses suggest that guanxi leads to corruption in Chinese societies; but how is guanxi perceived among Chinese people? We explored Chinese university students' attitudes toward guanxi and how these attitudes are related to personality variables associated with intergroup relations: social dominance orientation (SDO) and right-wing authoritarianism (RWA). Participants (N=281) answered a questionnaire on attitudes toward guanxi, two dimensions of SDO [groub-based dominance (GBD), opposition to equality (OEQ)], and of RWA [authoritarian aggression (AA); authoritarian submission (AS)]. Exploratory analysis indicated two opposing facets of attitudes towards guanxi (guanxi as unchangeable aspect of social system, and guanxi as leading to inequality). The two facets, which we labeled as guanxi-norm and guanxi-inequality, were negatively correlated. Regression analyses showed that guanxi-norm was positively associated with SDO-GBD and RWA-AA, and negatively associated with RWA-AS. On the other hand, guanxi-inequality was negatively associated with SDO-GBD, positively associated with SDO-OEQ, and not associated with RWA.
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