The social representations of self and life environment across Europe. Implications for social development

[Speaker] Mannarini, Terri:1
[Co-author] Rochira, Alessia:1, Salvatore, Sergio:1
1:University of Salento (Italy)

The main purpose of the Re.Cri.Re. project is to understand what kind of changes are affecting the way European citizens represent themselves and their life context, and to draw on such representations to provide indications for a more effective policy making process, both at the national and at the European level. Based on the social representation theory framework, according to which social representations are spaces in-between the self and the other, where personal and social identities develop, this contribution presents a map of the shared symbolic meanings connected to the self and the life environment across different European countries. Such a map not only enables to compare different social representations as for the content and the structure, and to connect them both to distinctive environmental features and to specific aspects of the individuals' psychological functioning, but also to detect the organizing principles underlying them.
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