The Relationship between Study Procrastination and Time-management Disposition of Chinese Senior High school Students

[Speaker] Xiaohong, Han:1
[Co-author] Yu, Liu:1, Yun, Pan:1
1:Guizhou Normal University (China (People's Republic of China))

Adopting the study procrastination of high school students' questionnaire and time-management disposition of teenage questionnaires, choosing 256 senior high school students as participant, the research investigated the relationships between study procrastination and time-management disposition. The results indicated that:
(1) the score of two dimensions of study procrastination, locking schedule and insufficient operation, were the highest on senior one students.
(2) the two dimensions of study procrastination including locking schedule and insufficient operation were negatively related with the culture degree of parent.
(3)one of the time-management disposition dimension named time control had the highest explained variance to study procrastination.
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