Effects of repetition on the isochronous perception of sounds at different lengths

[Speaker] Kuroda, Tsuyoshi:1
[Co-author] Tomimatsu, Erika:2, Grondin, Simon:3, Miyazaki, Makoto:1
1:Shizuoka University (Japan), 2:Kyushu University (Japan), 3:Université Laval (Canada)

We investigated how the isochronous perception of successive sounds would be modulated by the length of these sounds. Three sounds, each one being short (S) or long (L), were successively presented in Experiment 1. The middle sound's onset had to be presented earlier in the SLS than the LSL sequence so that the three sounds were perceived as presented isochronously, indicating delayed perception of the onset with the lengthening of the sound. A short sound and a long sound were alternated repeatedly in Experiment 2. This repeated sequence was perceived as isochronous when all sounds were aligned at physically equal inter-onset intervals. Would the same onset delay as in Experiment 1 occur, the repeated sequence should have been perceived as isochronous when the SL interval was physically shortened relative to the LS. The effects of sound length seemed to be canceled out when the presentation of intervals was repeated.
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