Can fractal ferns evoke positive responses as well as natural ferns?

[Speaker] Kato (motoyama), Yui:1
[Co-author] Hanyu, Kazunori:1
1:Nihon University (Japan)

Studies have shown that natural elements (e.g. vegetation) were preferred to the artificial elements. The present study tried to investigate the critical factors of natural elements that elicit positive responses. We provided 4 leaves with varied naturalness (natural/ fractal) and shapes (widths of a leaf). Then, we made 3 expression variations of these 4 leaves: original colors, reversal colors, and mosaic images. Seventy-four undergraduate students sequentially viewed these 12 stimuli on a screen and rated each one with visual and affective variables. ANOVAs with types (naturalness and shape) and expressions as the dependent variables revealed that participants showed preferences for the larger width ferns regardless of naturalness and expression. These results showed that the shape is more important than the naturalness to evoke positive response to ferns. The differences between cognitive and affective responses for the ferns were discussed.
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