Consumer-to-consumer interaction as a mediator of the influence of consumers' regulatory focus on innovative behavior in brand community

[Speaker] Wang, Li:1
1:School of Economics & Management, Tongji University (China (People's Republic of China))

Consumer innovation in brand community is a frontier research topic in marketing area in recent years. Although some researchers began to explore the antecedents of consumer innovative behavior, the research on the relationship between consumers' regulatory focus and innovative behavior still remains incomplete. Taking as the theoretical basis of regulatory focus in consumer research, the present study examines the effects of consumers' regulatory focus on innovative behavior, in particular, the mediating role of consumer-to-consumer interaction. Utilizing a sample of 295 members in Xiaomi Co. community, the results indicated that consumers' promotion focus had significantly positive effect on innovative behavior, however, consumers' prevention focus had significantly negative effect on innovative behavior. Moreover, quantity, scope and mode of consumer-to-consumer interaction played a complete mediating role in it. This study enriches and consummates the development of consumer innovation theory, and provides guidance for improving consumer innovative behavior in brand community in practice.
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