Wang, Bin


July 25, 2016

Effects of Money Ethics and Passion on Sports Lottery Playing: The Moderating Role of Refusal self-efficacy

July 26, 2016

Influence of a Aesthetic Swimming programme on Aesthetic perception & Feeling Ability and Swimming performance in Middle School Students

Parent Purchase Behavior and Unhealthy Information Dissemination as Moderators of the Relationship between Sensation Seeking and Lottery Purchase Intention in Adolescent Students

A Ground Theroy of Factors Influencing Adolescent's High-risk Drowning Behavior

Establishing a Model of Factors Influencing Lottery Playing for Sport Lottery Bettors: A Grounded Theory Study

Fate Control belief, Lottery Expectancy Bias and Lottery playing Intention in Sports Lottery Bettors

Improper Propaganda and Sports Lottery Playing: Mediating Role of Lottery Playing Urge and Refusal Self-Efficacy

Responsible Lottery Playing: Implications for Prevention and Social Policy

July 27, 2016

Effect of Authoritative Parenting and Family Relation on Adolescent leadership: the Mediating Role of General Self-concept

Adolescents Drowning Risk Attitudes and High-Risk Behaviors: Moderating effects of Sensations Seeking

Social Support and Athlete Engagement: the mediating effects of Mental Toughness and Coping Style

July 28, 2016

The experimental research on fusion of theoretical discipline and technical discipline teaching mode facilitate teaching ability of Physical Education tuition free normal students

Development and validation of the adolescents of the Drowning Risk Perceptions Scale

July 29, 2016

A grounded theory study of Consumers Perceived Value for Sport Lottery Bettors

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