Koshikawa, Fusako


July 26, 2016

The Effect of Mindfulness Training on Performance: From the Perspective of Attention Control

Effects of mindfulness yoga for traumatized children at a Child Guidance Center

Belgian - Japanese Cultural Differences in Reaction Times of Affective Picture Judgment

July 27, 2016

Does receivers' personality affect their impression of self-depreciation?

Self-blaming for uncontrollable situations

July 28, 2016

Effects of awareness, acceptance, and decentering on the alleviation of depressive symptoms in a mindfulness program

Effects of distraction tasks on negative mood and negative event evaluation: Relationship between attention state and effect maintenance

Effect of Self-focused Attention on Affective Information Processing in Depressive Process using Interactive Cognitive Subsystems

The relationship between anxiety traits and center of gravity sway.

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