Kim, Seung-sup


July 25, 2016

Mapping LGBTQI health studies in Korea: A Systematic Review of research until 2013

Workplace Violence and Depressive Symptoms among Medical Residents in South Korea: 2014 Korean Interns & Residents Survey

July 26, 2016

Work more, feel depressed: 2014 Korea Interns & Residents Survey

Association between interpersonal trust, reciprocity, and suicidal behaviors: a longitudinal cohort study in South Korea

July 27, 2016

Does disapproval hurt? Experience of medical benefit application among firefighters injured on the job and its association with depressive symptoms in South Korea

Reinstatement may improve mental health: A comparative study about the laid-off and the reinstated after the massive lay-off in 2009 from SsangYong Motor Company in South Korea

July 28, 2016

Does Social Support Buffer the Effect of Homophobic Violence on Depressive Symptoms? : A study of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual adults in South Korea

Lookism hurts: Appearance discrimination and its association with poor self-rated health among emerging adulthood in South Korea

July 29, 2016

Organizational responses to violence against fire-based EMS providers and its association with depressive symptoms in South Korea

Perceived Discrimination at Work and Its Association with Psychological Distress, Depressive Symptoms and Suicidal Ideation among Medical Residents in South Korea

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