Ma, Hongyu


July 26, 2016

Relationship between Working through Information and Communication Technologies after Hours and Emotional Exhaustion: A Moderated Mediation Study

Relationship between Work-home Segmentation Preference and Work Interference with Nonwork: The role of Boundary Management

The Effects of Family-Supported Supervisor Behavior (FSSB) and Work Support on Work-family Enrichment: Examining the Unique, Moderating and Interaction Effects

July 27, 2016

Explicit and Implicit Legitimacy in China

Standing Uncertainty as a Moderator of the Relationship Between Procedural Justice and Legitimacy Judgments

Relationship between Family-Supportive Supervisor Behaviors and Marital Satisfaction among Chinese Dual-earner Couples : A Spillover-Crossover Perspective

The Impact Mechanism of Family-Friendly Workplace Supports on Life Satisfaction: From A Work-Home Resources Perspective

July 28, 2016

Cross-lagged associations among family-supportive supervisory behaviors, leader-member exchange, and work engagement: A test of gain spiral of resources

The Effects of Ethical Leadership on Job Burnout: The Multiple Mediating Roles of Job Involvement and Focus on Opportunities

The Bystander Effect of Altruistic Punishment in Network Environment

Relationship between Work-home Segmentation Preference and Emotional Exhaustion: A Moderated Mediation Study

Ease-of-Retrieval Effects on Procedural Justice Judgments Under Conditions of Informational

When Do Procedural Fairness and Outcome Fairness Interact to Influence Legitimacy of Authorities? The Moderating Effect of Social Class

The Influence Trait Empathy Has upon Altruistic Punishment: the Moderating Effect of Social Value Orientation

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