Nakajima, Yoshitaka


July 25, 2016

Multimodal Corpus Approach to Speech Psychology: The Effect of Public Speakers' Facial Movements on Audience Reception

The Speech-to-Song Illusion in Japanese

July 26, 2016

Intelligibility of locally time-reversed speech in Chinese, English, German, and Japanese

Perceived duration of piano sounds

July 27, 2016

Change, not motion, determines subjective duration

The effect of sound on visual grouping in a multi-stable stimulus

July 28, 2016

Speech pauses of public-speaking performances by Irish native English speakers

Effects of factor elimination on intelligibility of noise-vocoded Japanese speech

Developing effective instructions to decrease Japanese speaker's nervousness during English and Japanese public speeches: Evidence from psychological and physiological measurements

A method of constant stimuli without repetition of comparison stimuli

July 29, 2016

Origin-shifted principal component analysis: A method suitable for reconstructing non-negative data

Influence of the temporal-unit duration on the intelligibility of English mosaic speech

Perceptual Validity and Analytical Advantages of Non-Negative Bases Extracted from Factor Analyses of Japanese Speech

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