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[ILS-SU-50] Lunch Seminar 50: "A Clear Vision For Life®" -3i Cornea Practice (Seminar Version) - Inspection, Information and Imagination: How to Interpret Corneal Findings Observed by Slit-Lamp Microscope -
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Apr 06 (Sun)
12:15 - 13:15
Room 2 - Tokyo International Forum 4,5F Hall C
Santen Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
Cornea, Conjunctiva
Chair)Shigeru Kinoshita、Chair)Yuichi Ohashi
Since 2004 we have created an academic-oriented information magazine called "3i Cornea Practice". The “3i” refers to three keywords - ‘information’, ‘inspection’ and ‘imagination’. The underlying concept is to possess considerable knowledge and information, perform precise inspections, and adopt a richly imaginative approach when evaluating pathology. In so doing, we can enable a more accurate diagnosis and effective medical treatment.Together, we will take a look at actual case studies through videos and images while considering diagnosis points and medical treatment. Although we only have 60 minutes, we aim to show as many cases as possible and talk about the essence of our 3i Cornea Practice. We look forward to studying with you.

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