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Oculoplastics, Lacrimal System and Orbit


The Outcomes of Removing Large Tumors of the Eyelid by Carbon Dioxide Laser None - Reconstruction

Lan, Do Thuy Le

The procedure of removing large tumors of the eyelid by Laser CO2 were effected the lesion healing itsetf, none of reconstruction skin graft, transplantation of skin flap, lightly swollen and painful. None of complication.

Summary of Content
Setting: Traumatic Department, The Eye hospital of HCMC from April, 2012 to March, 2013.
Methods and patients: This prospective study comprised 28 cases, 13 males and 15 females, whose mean age was 40,60 ± 0,32 years (range from 17 to 80 years old), 15 cases upper eyelid tumors and 13 cases lower eyelid tumors, the size from 5mm to under 10mm, in those, there was 13/28 cases of compound nevus (46,42%), 5/28 cases of hemangioma (17,85%), 1/28 case harmatoma (3,57%), 4/28 cases of seborrheic keratosis (14,28%), 2/28 cases of intradermal nevus (7,14%), 1/28 case of pigmented papilloma (3,57%), 1/28 case of basal cell carcinoma (3,57%), 1/25 case of hidrocystoma (3,57%). The technic without reconstruction of skin graft, transplantation of skin flap was removing of tumors by cutting burn with Laser CO2, gel local anesthesia, coverring cornea with the metal eyeshield, after laser irrigating the lesion with saline 0,9%, and using the ointment Tetracycline 1% on the surface. Average follow-up was 5,48 ± 0,26 months.
Results: 28/28 cases (100%) lesions were good healthy, recovery during 4 weeks, no cases recurrent. Complications as 28/28 cases (100%) tissue edema on the lesion, 2/28 cases (7,14%) of adherent cicatrision of the eyelid causing entropion.
Conclusions: The procedure of removing large tumors of the eyelid by Laser CO2 were safety technic, easily process, none - reconstruction of skin graft, transplantation of skin flap, decreasing heavily lesion of reconstruction, none complication and possible useful in the area which have ophthalmologist, with good knowledge of using laser CO2 machine.

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large tumor of the eyelid / seborrheic keratosis / compound nevus / hemangioma / intradermal nevus

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