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Oculoplastics, Lacrimal System and Orbit


Lid Crease Approach for Margin Rotation in Upper Cicatricial Entropion

Patricia Akaishi Mohammed Dufaileej Antonio Cruz

To demonstrate the use of the lid crease incision for correction of cicatricial upper lid entropion. This approach is a versatile procedure that allows excellent lid rotation and simultaneous correction of dermatochalasis and any lid malposition

Summary of Content
The upper lid is infiltrated with adequate amounts of local anesthetic. Three stab skin incisions are performed on the central, nasal and temporal aspects of the upper lid just above the lash line (The stab incisions are useful to bury the rotational sutures, avoiding the need of bolsters). A lid crease incision is used to create a suborbicularis muscle flap and to expose the whole tarsal plate up to the lash roots. The lid is then everted over a cotton-tipped applicator and held in position with a traction suture. A curvilinear incision parallel to the lid margin is made 2 to 3 mm from the lid margin through tarsal plate, transecting the tarsal plate into marginal and distal portions. Three mattress absorbable (5.0 polyglactin) sutures (central, medial and lateral) are then placed entering through stab skin incisions under the orbicularis, then through the midportion of distal segment of the tarsal plate. All 3 sutures are then tied bringing the distal tarsal segment over the marginal tarsus. The skin incision is closed with 6-0 plain gut suture

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Entropion / Cicatricial / Trachoma / Surgery

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