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Oculoplastics, Lacrimal System and Orbit


New Modification in Repair of Traumatic Canalicular Laceration

Mohamed Saad Rashad

New modification in technique of ring or circular intubation helping in decreasing incidence of canalicular injury or infection after repair of traumatic canalicular laceration.

Summary of Content
Canalicular laceration is one of the most challenging eye lid injuries. Early repair is essential in preventing canalicular scaring and permanent epiphora. Identifying the medial cut end of canaliculus is made easy by pigtail probe under general anaesthesia with high magnification. Ring or Circular intubation is an effective way of repair although it needs long learning curve. Burying the knot inside the canaliculus may be associated with injury to canaliculus or Infections. The New modification is leaving long ends of the knot and buries it in the tube with the knot outside the canaliculus. No injury to both canalicular and ocular surface. This method can be used in management of punctal stenosis.

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Trauma / Lacrimal / Canalicular / Laceration / punctum

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