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E-poster/E-video Room (Tokyo International Forum G408/G505, Imperial Hotel 2F Hana)
New Technology and Alternative Medicine


No Suture No Glue Internal IOL Repositioning

Satyen Deka

This video demonstrates the unique technique of no suture no glue Internal IOL repositioning of posterior IOL dislocation.

Summary of Content
Using 23-gauge trocher, scleral openings are made at 1 mm away from limbus on temporal and nasal side for introduction of intraocular forceps. Pars plana vitrectomy done and IOL lifted holding one heptic using the23 gauge forceps. Another 23 gauge forceps introduced through the scleral opening and using bimanual technique, the heptic is brought out of the eye. Subsequently introducing the forceps through the opposite scleral entry the other heptic is grabbed and brought out of the eye. Partial thickness scleral pockets are made using 23-gauge trocher adjacent to the heptics and its ends are introduced into the scleral pockets to fix the IOL. Cannulas removed and sclerotomies closed. Conjunctiva apposed using diathermy.

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IOL repositioning, Glue, Vitrectomy

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