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New Technology and Alternative Medicine


Capsulorhexis Revisited

Gerd Auffarth Il-Joo Limberger Florian Auerbach Florian Kretz Ramin Khoramnia

Double cross-action forceps in microincision cataract surgery.

Summary of Content
Evaluation of a double cross-action capsulorhexis forceps for incision sices between 1.2 to 2.2 mm.
Incision size could be reduced to 1.2mm to perform a similar capsulorhexis than with the usual used forceps´s. Especially in difficult cases like small corneal diameters in children, or for astigmatism neutral refractive lens exchange, the double cross-action forceps benefits the surgeon.
Microincision surgery is becoming more popular. For cases where the surgery should be performed without inducement of astigmatism, or in complicated cases where the surgical space is limited, the double cross-action forceps is a good alternative to the commonly used surgical instruments. Further studies have to prove those experiences.

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Microincision surgery / Capsulorhexis / cross-action forceps / Surgery instrument

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