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Capsulorhexis Run-Away, What to Do

Navneet Toshniwal

Capsulorhexis is most important step to start phaco. If capsulorhexis runaway then surgeons are in dilema to do the phaco with some modification or to convert the case to SICS or ECCE
Study conducted at Navneet Hospital Solapur. INDIA
Methods: Navneet Hospital, INDIA is conducting Phaco training programme since 2002. All cases has been recorded. There are many cases where we noticed that during procedure capsulorhexis runaway. Considering site of runaway of capsulorhexis,length of margin and its corelation with incision, then trainer has managed cases in different way. Details has been illustrated in videos

Summary of Content
Tackling capsulorhexis properly will allow to do phaco without hesitation. Surgery will be safe Conversion of phaco to SICS or ECCE is also important in some procedure
Conclusions: Capsulorhexis is very important step in Phaco. Without its comletion surgeons can not do phaco surgery smoothly. Capsulorhexis can runawy with any surgeon so this illustration in the video will help and give idea to surgeons worldwide

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