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[SC-WE-65] Topography and Tomography in the Diagnosis of Corneal Ectasia
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Apr 02 (Wed)
15:30 - 17:00
Room 28 - Imperial Hotel 3F Irodori
Refractive Surgery


Topography and Tomography in the Diagnosis of Corneal Ectasia

Jagadesh Reddy Prashant Garg Vishal Jhanji

To discuss the change in topography and tomography technology in the last decade and role of each imaging system in the diagnosis of corneal ectasia.

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Classic corneal topography is based on the principle of reflection of concentric lighted rings on the cornea. Over time, various corneal imaging instruments have been designed based on necessity and available technology such as slit-scanning, Scheimpflug imaging, and optical coherence tomography.
This course will emphasize on:
1. Introduction of various imaging systems in the diagnosis of corneal ectasia. It is important for the attendees to know merits and demerits of the imaging systems.
2. Scanning slit topography is a projection-based method that uses a series of slit-beam images to generate data regarding anterior and posterior curvature of cornea. Role of slit-scanning technology in diagnosing, monitoring progression before and after appropriate management (collagen crosslinking, INTACS) of corneal ectasia will be discussed..
3.. Scheimplug imaging is a new introduction in ophthalmic practice. Imaging platforms combining Scheimpflug and Placido technology provide precise elevation data and high accuracy curvature data. The role of dual Scheimpflug imaging parameters in discriminating subclinical or clinical ectatic eyes form normal eyes will be discussed.
4.Optical coherence tomography employs low-coherence interferometry to compare the delay of tissue reflections against a reference reflection. It can measure corneal anatomy with micron precision. The role of corneal power and pachymetry mapping measured in the diagnosis of corneal ectasia will be elaborated.
1.Change in topography and tomography technologies in the last decade: Dr Prashant Garg
2.Slit-scanning technology: Dr.Pravin K Vaddavalli
3. Scheimpflug imaging: Dr.Jagadesh C. Reddy
4..Optical coherence tomography: Dr. Vishal Jhanji

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topography / tomography / Slit-scanning technology / Scheimpflug imaging / Optical coherence tomography

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