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[SC-WE-63] How Research Can Be Used to Evaluate the Impact of NGO Eye Health Programs
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Apr 02 (Wed)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 28 - Imperial Hotel 3F Irodori
World Forum for Sight


How Research Can Be Used to Evaluate the Impact of NGO Eye Health Programs

Nathan Congdon Scott Rozelle Robert Lindfield

To provide an overview of the tools that can be use to evaluate program impact in the eye health sector.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
  The focus will be on real life examples of how research is planned and used to evaluate the impact of eye health programs, and how results of such studies may be used to change policy and programmatic approaches in the field. (Please see below for specific content). Unlike many other "courses" at WOC, this one will directly engage participants with Socratic-style questioning and answers. The format, 4 talks from 3 speakers, will allow substantial time for discussions and audience participation.

Speakers and subjects:

Scott Rozelle, Stanford University: "The Science of Impact Evaluation". This talk will focus on the design and interpretation of a large clinical trial in rural western China designed to assess the effectiveness of interventions to increase children's use of spectacles and demonstrate the educational impact of improving children's vision.
Nathan Congdon, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center and ORBIS International: "Promoting Quality through Measurement": This will focus on the PRECOG study of early vision assessment after cataract surgery, from design to implementation to application of the results by NGOs and governments and professional groups.
Robert Lindfield, ICEH, LSHTM, Londn UK: "Building capacity for research in NGOs and the developing world"
Scott Rozelle, Stanford University: "Successful data-based advocacy": This talk will discuss the successful efforts of REAP (the Rural Education Action Program) to advocate for policy change in the eye care and other sectors based on results of randomized controlled trials.

Target Audience
Those working on eye health programs for governments, non-governmental organizations, hospitals or other organizations.

Educational Level
All levels will be accommodated.

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Impact evaluation eye health research

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