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[SC-WE-58] Periorbital Fractures: The Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Perspectives
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Apr 02 (Wed)
08:30 - 10:00
Room 27 - Imperial Hotel 3F Mai
Eye Trauma and Emergencies


Periorbital Fractures: The Oculoplastic and Facial Plastic Perspectives

Sunny Shen Ian Loh Sarah Osborne Siow Wei Tan Elaine Chee Helen Garrott

This course highlights the theoretical basis and the practical principles in managing periorbital fractures and their complications. The international faculty is from both oculoplastic and facial plastic surgery.

The course will begin with a review of the anatomy, radiology and epidemiology of periorbital fractures. The course then continues with the pearls in clinical assessment, non-surgical and surgical management and end with discussion of possible complications and their prevention.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
1) Revision of Anatomy / Osteology
2) Radiology - How to read a scan
3) Epidemiology of periorbital fractures - who and what got affected
4) Perals in clinical assessment
5) Non-operative managment
6) Oculoplastic management
7) Facial plastic management
8) Possible complications and how to avoid it

Target Audience
Ophthalmology residents
General ophthalmologist
Oculoplastic surgeon
Facial plastic / Maxillofacial surgeon

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Periorbital fractures management

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