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[SC-WE-27] Low Vision Basics
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Apr 02 (Wed)
08:30 - 10:00
Room 12 - Tokyo International Forum 5F G510
Low Vision and Rehabilitation


Low Vision Basics

Sanjiv Desai 

To impart appropriate skills in clinical low vision including assessment of patients and dispensing low vision aids.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
This is a basic level instruction course which focuses on imparting appropriate skills in clinical low vision. The objective of this comprehensive course is to demystify the concept of low vision, impart skills in assessing low vision cases in the clinic and in dispensing low vision aids [LVA]. It begins by defining low vision and describing the common ophthalmic conditions leading to low vision. Then the cardinal principles of treating low vision are described, followed by exploring various types of optical & non-optical low vision aids [LVA] available in the global market to enhance visual performance, their optics, their advantages and disadvantages and how to use the appropriate LVA in various situations. An overview of assistive technology is also presented. The next section deals with light, glare and contrast management. Finally the course is wound up by discussing how to assess a low vision patient in the clinic, the assessment tools required and how to source, procure and dispense low vision aids. At the end of the course, participants will become proficient in identifying, assessing and treating low vision cases in their day-to-day practice, thus, integrating low vision care into their clinical practice.

Target Audience
General ophthalmologists and residents in training.

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Clinical Low vision / Assessment / Low vision Aids / Dispensing

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