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[SC-WE-13] Principles and Practice of Digital Photography in Ophthalmology
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Apr 02 (Wed)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 7 - Tokyo International Forum 1F Hall D1
Ophthalmic Practice and Socioeconomics


Principles and Practice of Digital Photography in Ophthalmology

Bipasha Mukherjee Milind Naik Rajesh Fogla

The purpose of this instruction course is to provide an ophthalmologist with guidelines to achieve standardized photographic views, which will aid one in self-improvement, patient education and publications. This hands on course also discusses editing, storage, patient consent, medicolegal issues and importance of maintenance of patient confidentiality.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
It is mandatory to incorporate clinical photography in an ophthalmic practice in recent times. Patient photographs are routinely used in teaching, presentations, documenting surgical outcomes and marketing. Unfortunately, many clinicians still avoid taking patient photographs, or, the photographs are of poor quality. The ubiquitous presence of the digital camera as well as camera phones has made it easy and affordable to take high quality images. It is not compulsory to employ a professional photographer any longer for this purpose. Any ophthalmologist should be able to take clinical photographs in his/her office settings with minimal technical skill.

Target Audience
General ophthalmologists, Anterior segment surgeons, oculoplastic and reconstructive surgeons, cosmetic and aesthetic surgeons.

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