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[SC-WE-06] Endoscopic-Assisted Vitrectomy
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Apr 02 (Wed)
15:30 - 17:00
Room 5 - Tokyo International Forum 7F Hall D7
Retina - Surgical


Endoscopic-Assisted Vitrectomy

Xun Yang S. Chien Wong Shu Du

To conclusion the feasibility and effctiveness in endoscopic vitrectomy in which the extract intraocular foreign body(IOFB) at or near the ciliary body in endoscopic vitrectomy and analyze its features.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
Methods Retrospectively analyze the clinical materials and data of 15 patients (16 eyes) with IOFB at or near the ciliary body from July 2002 to December 2010. All cases were conducted vitrectomy and IOFB extraction under endoscope. Results Totally 36 IOFBs(18 magnetic IOFBs and 18 nonmagnetic IOFBs respectively)were extracted successfully. The size of IOFBs ranged from smaller than 1mm×1mm×1mm to 9mm×6mm×4mm. Among them, 31 IOFBs were extracted from ciliary body or nearby and 5 IOFBs were located at other places. 11 eyes'cornea were opaque before operation.The postoperative visual acuity of 12 eyes were better than their preoperative visual acuity ,among them 4 eyes' visual acuity improved from fingercounting or below to 0.1~0.3, 14 eyes¸ intraocular pressure were normal,12 eyes'retinal reattached and 8 eyes' cornea were clearer than before. After the end of the fellow-up, only 7 eyes' visual acuity were fingercounting or below.. Conclusions There was almost no blind spot using endoscope to observe the ciliary body, periphery retina tear or other pathological changes, the IOFB at or near ciliary body and the whole retina during vitrectomy. It could be more accurate and convenient to extract IOFB at or near the ciliary body and conduct cyclophotocoagulation with the help of endoscope.

Session Description
Part 1 Instructions (5 min)
Part 2 Endoscope-assisted vitrectomy in severely traumatized eyes without light perception. (15min)
Part 3 Endoscope-assisted vitrectomy in Pole-to-Pole surgery (10min)
Part 4 Endoscopy in pediatric vitrectomy (15min)
Part 5 Pioneer study of Endoscopy in IOP controll: Glaucoma and Hypotony (10min)
Part 6 Accidentally found cilium during Endoscope-assisted vitrectomy (10min)
Part 7 Endoscope-assisted vitrectomy through cornea, Not PPV! (15min)
Part 8 Discussion & Conclusion (10 min)

Target Audience
general ophthalmologists and subspecialists

Educational Level
intermediate and advanced

[ Keyword ]
endoscope / ciliary body / intraocular foreign body

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