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[SC-WE-03] Monitoring and Evaluation of Blindness Control Strategies
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Apr 02 (Wed)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 2 - Tokyo International Forum 4,5F Hall C
World Forum for Sight


Monitoring and Evaluation of Blindness Control Strategies

Sumit Malhotra Praveen Vashist Sandeep Buttan Rohit Saxena Emmy Li Asim Sil Pukhraj Rishi Parikshit Gogate

Monitoring and Evaluation (M and E) tools are fundamental to track progress in desired objectives and goals of blindness reduction programmes and guide further development of programme strategies. The course will equip participants with essential competencies in designing monitoring and evaluation indicators and approaches in executing M and E within community based programme settings.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
Monitoring and Evaluation has been realized as an important component in all blindness control programmes. The participants will first be senstizied about general aspects of M and E- concepts, frameworks and indicators in M and E. The course will cover conceptual and log frameworks to appreciate input, process, output and outcome level indicators. Designing M and E plans have several components and the course will talk about how these components are laid out effectively in context to blindness. Then, the course will specifically dwell to disease areas of blindness where M and E can be designed. It will cover cataract surgical rate, cataract surgical outcomes and satisfaction post-operatively. For Trachoma, the course will cover how to monitor trachoma control activities in context to SAFE strategy and how to evaluate at end of programme phase. It will also cover M and E related to refractive error services especially school vision screening programme. Finally, how to build M and E related to diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and low vision services within comprehensive eye care programmes. The course will also orient participants on population based surveys like rapid assessment techniques for blindness, trachoma and visual impairment.

Target Audience
General opthalmolgists, eye care programme managers, opthalmologists working in community based blindness control programmes

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Monitoring and Evaluation / Blindness Control Programmes / Vision 2020 strategies

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