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[SC-SA-86] Phacoemulsification in Eyes with Complex Corneal Situations
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Apr 05 (Sat)
13:30 - 15:00
Room 15 - Tokyo International Forum 4F G407


Phacoemulsification in Eyes with Complex Corneal Situations

Jeeawn Titiyal Abhay Vasavada Arup Chakrabarti Rajesh Sinha Sana Tinwala

The course aims to describe various modifications in the technique of phacoemulsification in eyes with various types of complex corneal situations.


Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
Phacoemulsification is the procedure of choice for cataract. However, any error due to inadequate visibility due to compromised cornea can lead to devastating results. The course will include precautions needed in eyes with endothelial corneal dystrophy as well as anterior dystrophies and ocular surface disorders. It will also include various modifications needed to perform phacoemulsification in eyes with corneal opacities due to healed keratitis as well as in traumatic corneal scars. Eyes that have undergone previous refractive surgery e.g. radial keratotomy or LASIK pose a great challenge as there is risk of suboptimal visual outcome as well as damage to the cornea e.g. opening up of RK incisions. The course will highlight clinical assessment, modification in IOL power calculation of these cases, use of OVD , ophthalmic dyes will be discussed and all the surgical steps will be demonstrated by appropriate videods in order to master the art of phacoemulsification, prevent complications and achieve optimal visual outcome in these complex corneal situations.

Target Audience
General ophthalmologists who are well versed with the art of phacoemulsification surgery and looking to graduate in performing phacoemulsification in difficult situations

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phacoemulsification / endothelial dystrophy / post refractive surgery

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