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[SC-FR-75] Challenging Cases in Uveitis and Inflammation
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Apr 04 (Fri)
15:30 - 17:00
Room 14 - Tokyo International Forum 4F G405
Uveitis, Intraocular Inflammation


Challenging Cases in Uveitis and Inflammation

Marc de Smet Karina Julian Alfredo Adán Miriam Van Velthoven Hassan Al-Dhibi

Diagnosis and therapy in uveitis depends on astute observation, history taking, and context. The eye is often the visible portal to hidden systemic diseases, inflammation or genetic defects. These lead to specific challenges both in diagnosis and management.The course will consist in challenging case presentations. The speaker will present the background to the challenge, and how it was solved. Each discussion will be followed by a review of how similar challenges were solved by others and by a panel discussion to which the audience is welcome to participate.

Summary of Content/Synopsis of the course
Inflammation plays a role in a number of degenerative conditions, giving rise to a number of non malignant mascarade syndromes, but how to differentiate them? There may be a challenge in identifying novel, previously rare or unknown viral and non viral entities affecting the eye. This is particularly true in extreme adventure seakers returing from holidays in the deep jungle.What are such recent additions to our disease spectrum? Imaging provides us with tools to follow the course of disease with more precision than ever particularly at the interface between the retina and choroid where both autofluorescence and EDI-OCT imaging show promise.How and when should we incorporate these modalities? Therapeutic challenges exist in the choice of treatment for example in the presence of subretinal neovascularization where the exact target - the neovascularization or the inflammation is being debated by experts.

Target Audience
General ophthalologists (interested in ocular inflammation) and specialists

Educational Level
Educational level is moderate to advanced

[ Keyword ]
uveitis / imaging / anti-inflammatory agents / infection

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