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[FP-TH-08] Cataract - Miscellaneous and Investigative
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Apr 03 (Thu)
15:30 - 17:00
Room 12 - Tokyo International Forum 5F G510
Chair)David Allen


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

High Vacuums Are Safe Even with Small Incisions with a New Cataract Removal System

David Allen
David Allen David Steel

The new Centurion cataract removal system has innovative active fluidics. This study seeks to explore the possibilities afforded by the safe use of high vacuums with incisions of 2.2mm, 2.0mm and 1.8mm while maintaining superior anterior chamber stability

Patients requiring routine cataract surgery at the cataract surgery centre at Sunderland Eye Infirmary,England.

Phaco power parameters and fluidics parameters apart from vacuum are constant throughout the study. The surgery is carried out with a target IOP equivalent to 54cm. Each nucleus acts as its own control because a central trench is sculpted and each hemi-nucleus is removed with either high (600 mmHg) or low (350 mmHg) vacuum. Phaco power (CDE), estimated BSS used and procedure time for each hemi-nucleus are compared. An assessment of AC stability is made subjectively from the surgical video. Three incision sizes are compared

Results and Conclusion
Early results with this new cataract system with innovative fluidics show that the use of high vacuums is safe, even with 1.8mm and 2.0 mm incisions, and with an equivalent bottle height of only 54cm. There is an unprecedented stability of the anterior chamber even with such settings, and therefore safe and efficient removal of cataract is possible with smaller incisions.

[ Keyword ]
cataract removal / active fluidics / safety

[ Conflict of Interest ]

[ Conflict of Interest (Potential conflict) ]
Alcon have provided some financial support for this independent study. I have received honoraria as well as travel and lodging reimbursement in the past from Alcon

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