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[FP-TH-05] IOL Types
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Apr 03 (Thu)
08:30 - 10:00
Room 12 - Tokyo International Forum 5F G510
Chair)Jorge Alio


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

Blue-Light-Blocking Intraocular Lens Implantation Improves the Sleep Quality of Cataract Patients

Wei Xin
Wei Xin She Chunyan Chen Danian Wang Lin

To evaluate whether blue-light-blocking intraocular lens implantation affects the sleep quality of cataract patients

Patients of bilateral cataract with over than level N3 (LOCS II) nucleus hardness could be included in this study, then they do cataract phacoemulsification followed by blue-light-blocking intraocular lens(IOLs, SN60WF, Alcon Laboratories, USA) implantation.

Patients were contacted in site before cataract surgery and followed by telephone at least 2 months later after second-eye surgery, and the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index(PSQI) questionnaires were administered to evaluate the sleep quality.

Results and Conclusion
40 patients which including 26 females (65%) and 14 males (35%) have been included in this study. The median age of all patients was 74 years(IR 70 to 78). The median PSQI globe score were 7 before surgery and 4 after surgery (Z=-2.121, P=0.037).More specifically, there were significant differences on subjective sleep quality (Z=-2.064, P=0.045), sleep duration (Z=-2.037, P=0.047) and daytime dysfunction (Z=-2.142, P=0.034) when compared between before and after surgeries.The ratio of poor sleepers (PSQI>5) reduced significantly after surgery (c2=14.532, P=0.000).
Conclusions Blue-light-blocking IOL had a significantly beneficial effect on the sleep quality of cataract patients.

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Sleep Quality / Cataract / Blue light / IOL / PSQI

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