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[FP-SA-43] Ocular Imaging
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Apr 05 (Sat)
15:30 - 17:00
Room 13 - Tokyo International Forum 4F G402
Ocular Imaging
Chair)Yoko Miura、Chair)Dirk-Uwe Bartsch


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

On a Curious Pulsatile Lesion in the Ocular Wall Detected by Ultrasonography

Breno Lino
Breno Lino Edward Tonelli Jr

To show the ultrasonographic presentation of a pulsatile lesion in te ocular wall in a patient with opaque medium - unique image in the others'experience of more than 25 years in ocular ultrasound.

Ultrasonography with 10 MHz B scan and color Doppler imaging were performed in one patient.

A 93-year old man was referred for an ultrasound examination trior to the cataract sugery in the left eye. The funds observation was not possible. On ultrasound examination a pulsative lesion was identified in the ocular wall, located in the superotemporal aspect of the eye, anterior to equator, and protruding in the vitreous cavity. The lesion presented high reflectivity, with regular acustic structure, and flickering spikes could be seen within the lesion itself. Doppler signals could be detected demonstrating blood flow. The pulsatility was rhythmical, with the image resembling "a heart in the ocular wall". There was not collapse of lesion with slight probe pressure against the eyeball. The lesion measured 2.0mm in height and 3.0mm in diameter. Retina was applied. A video was recorded. Differential diagnosis was made with melanoma, cisticercosis, DUSN, vascular malformations, glomus tumor, hemagioma, hamartona, telangiectasia, macroaneurysm, and ectatic ampulla of vortex vein.

Results and Conclusion
After phacoemulsification, ophthalmoscopy revealed a pulsatility marcroaneurysm, being a rare condition present so peripherically, and in the male sex. In addition, to our knowledge, this is the first time that an ocular pulsatility macroaneurysm has been documented by ultrasound examination. And extensive differential diagnosis is concerned with pulsatile ocular lesions, and the ultrasonography is useful to identify such lesions and to contribute to the diagnosis.

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Ultrasound pulsatile ocular lesions marcroaneurysm

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