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[FP-SA-34] Prevention of Blindness
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Apr 05 (Sat)
10:30 - 12:00
Room 1 - Tokyo International Forum Hall A
World Forum for Sight
Chair)Henry Nkumbe、Chair)Rajiv Khandekar


Duration 5min, Q&A 3min

Reduce the Prevalence of Blindness in East and Central Indonesia by Improving the Quality and Quantity of Human Resources

Habibah Muhidin
Habibah Muhidin Budu Mannyu

The population of Indonesia is 229.331.501, where one third of the population lives in eastern Indonesia. With a total of 303 people ophthalmologist only in eastern Indonesia (Indonesian Ophthalmology Association data 2010), it is necessary to increase the quality and quantity of human resources in the ophthalmology. Starting from mid-level person ophthalmologist, ophthalmologist and consultant.

A human resource development program for a period of 5 years.

In the first program for a period of 5 years (2009-2013), we work together with local and international educational centers, local government, NGOs and ICO, to increase the number of ophthalmologist trainee, conducted workshops for GP, nurse, elementary school teachers, medical students.

Results and Conclusion
The number of graduates during 2009-2013: 27 people (average of 5-6 per year). Number of new residents during 2009-2013: 49 people (average of 9-10 per year). GP training is held once a year, as well as workshops for elementary school teachers and medical students for early recognition of abnormalities in the eye. Ophthalmologist and nurses were sent to fellowship in Bandung (Indonesian national eye center), India, Pakistan to improve skills, supported by NGOs and government. We have work together with Vision 2020 UK, sent three residents every year to Dundee-Scotland. Within this 5 years, we have more young concultant, 1 is being the staff in the field of PO, 1 in Glaucoma, 1 in Refraction, 1 in Low Vision, 2 in VR and 2 in the field of NO. Collaboration is also carried out with ICO. Our department also trained local and dictric nurses.

In this 5 years project, The number of ophthalmologist and trainees has increased, but the nurses and caders training are still needed.

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